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Geppeddo Days  
Charles called me the other day and was reminiscing about another fun and silly time he and Stephanie had shared through the years they were together.  I was there during this event he was speaking of so the meaning was even more joyful to me.

While Stephanie was still living in Plano she had talked me into managing a kiosk at the mall for the holiday season (before Halloween to after Christmas), Geppeddo Porcelain Dolls & Gifts.  I remember her begging and pleading with me to do this until finally I thought to myself, she wants this so badly, lets have fun and do it!

What was I thinking!!!!  I chose to challenge myself and take on 2 malls rather than just the one she wanted.  I figured that I might as well be busy and make a little extra money taking on 2.  OK now I had my challenge and I was bound and determined to set some sales records with Stephanie's (Director of Daily Operations) motivation on my side.

Well we did, we surpassed sales goals at both locations, but not before it almost killed me, Stephanie had to be my support system many times!

Along with these kiosks came many, many challenges, hiring, stocking, advertising, managing employees, payroll..........etc. etc. the list seemed endless.

Well Stephanie and I hired as many of her friends that would agree to work.  There was Charles, Vanessa, Caitlyn, Dan, and even my best friend Sandra.  OK we had our "crew", the empty kiosks were up and we just had to install lighting, registers, phones, credit card equipment and then stock and display.  This in itself was quite a chore considering we had to do it during the late night hours when the mall was closed.

The 18 wheeler had come, it unloaded a zillion boxes in my two large temporary warehouses and we had to sell it all, or at least that was the plan because what we didn't sell we had to box up and send back to the company.

I was totally enjoying spending this time with Stephanie since she loved the dolls so much and her motivation to sell was so high.  She accomplished her goals by almost consistently being the top salesperson at both malls during the season!  Stephanie could create "My Way Babies" and Halloween witches like no other.  Oh the look of passerbys as we are trying to discreetly hammer on a newly made baby's head!  LOL

Yes, there were rifts about who was sleeping in the kiosks during the slow times.  There were disputes about who left their shift messy, and a few problems with people not showing up on time, but other than that we were having fun.....or at least Stephanie was, I felt like I was always in my Expedition loaded to the gills with boxes and boxes of dolls!!  Moving them in the rain, the ice and the cold!

The most amazing part of this experience is I even talked Jason, my big macho son into selling dolls from time-to-time when there was just no one else to work.  It was hilarious, seeing him in there, but he was a trooper to just help.  

Then there was Charles, we had given everybody these big titles that we made up and I believe his was Director of Mechanical Operations or some such thing because he was the handy man that could fix anything.  Charles was always organizing and repairing the lighting and such while on his shift.

Geppeddo was an experience and memories that I will always treasure. I still keep, safely guarded, all of the porcelain dolls that Stephanie and I had gotten out of love of, and bonus' during the season.  These beautiful dolls each have a special meaning to me now and when I look at them I smile with Stephanie as they made her smile.

The point to this entire writing was Charles memories of taking those very large kiosk down!  He was hired by the company to physically take down 4 of the kiosks following the end of the season.  

Again, this had to be done after mall closing, and for me after a very, very long last day of final sales.  We removed all of the remaining stock, equipment and Charles, with Stephanie's support began the "teardown".  I felt the need to be on-site since I was responsible for the operation.  

Well after a couple hours it is well after midnight and the days work load finally got the better of all of us.  The need for sleep was overwhelming for all of us.  No matter how hard we tried we just couldnt keep going.  One by one, each of us found a place to sleep.  Charles mentioned that he lost his helper and could not find him, he started looking around and found him in an old box on the floor of the mall fast asleep.  Stephanie is asleep already and Charles grabs the next available box.  

We made it through the night, Charles dismantled and boxed up this huge frame of metal and were off to another the following night!  The most amazing part of this entire operation is that it was always done with laughter and joy.  Where ever Stephanie was in life there was always plenty of laughter and joy!

Thank you Stephanie for another wonderful memory of your enlightening determination and spirit.
Stephanie's spirit of life shines in her heartfelt writings:  

In Loving Memory of Stephanie's life long friend,
Kaveh M. Farahani who also resides in Heaven today.
This was her poem that she wrote and read
in his honor at his funeral following
his passing, six years ago. 

May 10th, 1983 - November 16th, 2000

For a whole new beginning, with never an end,
for days of forever and trails that don't end

For objects that won't matter, because everything is
happily ever after. And with those who love you,

Your new beginning will be carried through, you
won't have any worries to bother you.

Your life is the past, your soul will be eternity,
you were contagious to many of us, with wisdom and glory.

Your a hero inside, you are the one who made us realize,
the soul within the skin never dies.

You boxed a ton, and beat them all, you smiled with
dimples that showed us your all.

You were the one who carried your life through.
You made your dreams all seem to come true.

We have much sorrow and tears of love for you,
now you can fly and see us all say good-bye.

Good-bye isn't forever, just till our sessions end.
But why did the winter of your life come to an end?

Maybe because God had a mission for life to pass
on through you.

Kav, maybe life is just a test, and you passed before the rest.

Things are meant to happen, though we don't have a clue,
in God's O'Mighty plan, He must have been looking at you.

Kav, we know what your saying...."don't worry, don't worry,
don't cry for me now. Go on with your lifes and always be proud.
You taught me well, you taught me plenty,
with your love and devotion, care and concern, please
let me rest, for I am home now."

To Marcus & Sandra, family and friends and everyone he touched,
he is now safe within God's hands.

In Loving Memory of Kaveh
Stephanie Parivar

Pirate Ship Escapade  

Stephanie's sight for life, her yearning for lifes experiences and adventure, and her love of the people around her, shows in her last writing.  You see, I was there during this experience in her life, one of her most memorable, but I did not see or experience in near the detail that she did upon this writing some 6 years following the event. .... I have never seen dancing quite as amazing as I did from Stephanie that night!

Pirate Ship Escapade
by Stephanie Parivar
(her last writing, 2004)

The taste of salt in my mouth, the feel of heat from the sun browning and crisping my bare shoulders and the bolstering sound of music mixed with laughter filling that dry, salty air.  It was the summer of 1998 in Cancun, Mexico and there I was innocent, not knowing that in the next couple of hours I would be kidnapped by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico and then made out to be the entertainment of all those wicked, evil and easily entertainable theives.

8:00pm struck on the clock and then I saw it.  It was massive in size, nearly 200 ft. from the back all the way to the very tip of the front portion.  This enormous vessel looked 100 or more years old, with the decaying wood planks intertwined with a partial metal frame making this creation look distorted.  The movement of it was like a dance.  It swayed back and forth even though it was anchored in the moon lit bay.  As I walked up to it, and stepped with my right foot first, I felt nervous and frantic all at the same time.  The motion I felt when stepping on the gigantic piece of scrap was such a magnificent feeling.  It was a feeling of excitement, fear,and curiosity. 

When I was aboard, the air was filled with such a wonderful aroma.  It was the smell of salmon, lemon, exotic fruits, pork and wine.  With those smells I also started to smell the aroma of a horrible, nasty scent.  It was a musky and wet smell, a smell that would make your stomach start to turn.  After I recognized the scent of odor and perspiration a man dressed in beads, makeup and clothes that looked like he found off a street bum looked at me with his grin of few teeth and one gold capped front, holding up a solid metal glass of wine.  The musky and wet smell of perspiration was coming from this mans pours and other men around him that were just like him, "PIRATES"!  This aged, hefty ship was filled with pure wickedness.

I thought boarding the ship was rough, but my journey had just begun.  I was about to enter the feasting of pirates.  As I sat down on a wooden stool with food reaching every which way around me, I had not yet realized I was becoming on of them!  I was grabbing the chow and filling my huge mouth.  I started with the pork and then to the turkey, one dish after another just filling my stomach and actually laughing and having conversations with these men I once thought of as gigantic pigs.  So much to devour, so much to gulp up and yet it felt like the clock had stopped and time was of no significance.

After the feast, a ship that looked almost identical to the one I was on yet in different colors pulled up parallel to ours.  In it, overflowing with more pirates!  One of the pirates from the other ship grabbed on to a long frail rope and swung over to our ship holding a massive sword and shouting out "WAR"!  After that dozens more of their men poured out trying to enter our territory.  No, No, don't think that my men took that lightly.  We were infuriated! I screamed "GET EM" and of course we did.  We pulled out our swords, our cannons, and even our shoes!  Well let's just say we "got em".

It was time for a victory celebration.  As we saw the other ship pull away and sail off into the night, we all held hands and swayed back and fourth singing, "we will.....we will......ROCK YOU" cause we did.  We seemed to sway and sing for what seemed like hours.  We kept on talking and drinking in honor of our big victory.  After everyone settled down, people began to dance.  The dance and the singing of these amazing people was remarkable!  I thought the night would end with me just watching them (knock on wood) but it didn't seem to turn out that way.  A young pirate named Diloo who had dark entrancing eyes, a flowing mustache and long charcoal hair covered in a bandana who was the captain of the ship grabbed my hand and said, "Bring it".  I started to tag along with his lead as we started dancing in this giant group of people, but it seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

The group suddenly dispersed ending up to be only Diloo and I, the groupies had become a part of a still standing group around us watching our every move in amazement.  The once called groupies began to clap and stomp as Diloo and I danced faster and faster.  This was it; we had just created history for the easily entertainable.  Diloo stopped dancing and gasped for his breath trying to whisper to me, and it finally came out, he said :"that was the best dance I have had, you wore me out."  It was hard to hear him in everyone's clapping and hollering but I knew the night had finally ended with our marvelous dance.

The beginning of my experience seemed like an awful pirate ship made up with evil, but in actuality it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  That day in 1998 in Cancun, Mexico I made a lifetime memory dancing with pirates and Diloo on an entertainment cruise ship.

            *  In beautiful memory of our talented dancing Angel *

Stephanie and Halloween  
As the year passes into fall, along comes the Halloween festivities.  Stephanie's favorite "holiday" was Halloween.  She adored the dress up, she loved the kids, and she just totally enjoyed laughing and being happy.

Through the years Stephanie went through the list of costumes...a baby cheerleader, a gypsy, a witch.....  One year she even carried two bags door to door because her little sister had chicken pox.  When she went to the door and asked for "2 servings", and explained why, most people just said "whatever" and didnt believe her, but she did it with joy, never complaining about the flack she got for it.

The last 3 halloweens Stephanie and Charles dressed up as a dead bride and groom.  As much as you may think it hurts us, it doesn't because those were some of the happiest times Stephanie ever had!  She went to the local Salvation Army and bought a real wedding gown and a snazzy suit for her and Charles (she spent a total of $50 for both!).   That was only the beginning.  We have the fondest memories of the day those clothes were "trashed".  They were torn, they (Steph & Charles) rolled around in the dirt, they made a coffee formula to smear on them, and bought fake blood to make the appearance of gun shots on them!  They giggled, and laughed until they cried.  Imagine the site of passer-bys as Steph and Charles are in wedding clothes in the front yard wrestling in the dirt!!!  The double takes from drivers was hilarious and still makes me laugh when that site comes to mind!  

No, I dont know why but I can only smile when I think about these times.   They even won an award at school, best costumes I believe, upon wearing the costumes to a school function.

That was only the beginning.....then there was the Corvette, it was decked to the hilt with every scarey and decorative thing to make Halloween even more fun for her.  There was the fiber optic pumpkin in the back window, there were flames drawn on the body of the car, scarey music playing, and even a fog machine wired inside to freak people out that they drove by.  Stephanie was so very happy during these times and I thank God for the wonderful memories!

Then I must not forget, while we were in Florida, I came home one day to a 10 foot, fan blown up, light up, witch in my living room!!!!   Stephanie's laugh when I first saw it was so adorable! 

What a better place for Steph to spend her last Halloween than Orlando, FL and Downtown Disney!

Stephanie was always surprising me, and totally pushing me to the limit with her fun antics. 

The yearbook that had the picture of the two of them in it (Jasper), in their costumes was lost.  If anyone out there reads this and has a copy of that picture we would greatly appreciate a copy of it.
Stephanie and "Mickey Mouse"  
Today, as I was reminising about all of the silly things Steph would do, I remembered something that always made me laugh.

We all know the Mickey Mouse song.....M - I - C.....K - E - Y......M - O - U - S - E, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse .........

well, Stephanie used to get such a kick out of singing that little jingle.  Only problem was that no matter how hard she tried, and no matter how long she tried (even with all of her voice training) she put a different twist on the last "Mouse" that was horribly out of key.  The more she sang it the more you wanted to hold your ears, but at the same time we were laughing so hard tears would roll down our face.  We are still not sure if she was playing with us, or if it was for real.  That was Steph, always kept us guessing :)


From time-to-time, I will post things that I have heard from others about Stephanie and how she has permanently left a mark on their lives.  I would appreciate everyone's "story" because they mean so much to us. 


A friend of mine referred me to her hairdresser.  After she cut my hair we came to the subject of Stephanie, and she found out I had lost my daughter.  Well it wasn't until I showed her Stephanie's picture that the connection was made.  She put her hand to her mouth, and shouted over and over "Oh My God, Oh My God!"  Apparently, she knew Stephanie quite well since she had worked at the Mall (Collin Creek) for a number of years.  She continued through the tears to say "I love this girl".  She told me how she used to talk to Stephanie quite often when she went to get smoothies.  And how she once commented on how she liked Stephanie's lipstick color and Stephanie gave her the lipstick.  The conversation continued with both of us in tears, I left still in tears, but the feeling I had deep inside was a painful but nice feeling, knowing that Stephanie had touched yet another life with joy and her beautiful smiles!!

I ran into one of Stephanie's employees from Barnies Coffee & Tea, a sweet girl who obviously has been very shaken by Stephanie's loss, I remember her from the funeral and Stephanie's loss was indeed incredibly devistating to her.  A year later she still cries, she still has a void from a missing friend, and she told me she still goes to the location Stephanie Managed for the memories.

I spoke to one of Stephanie's high school classmates during her service, I didn't remember this young lady but she came up to me and said:  "If it was not for Stephanie I would not have graduated, I was going to drop-out of school, but she encouraged me every step, and I DID IT!"  -  That was Stephanie!

I spoke to one of Stephanie's long time friends in Texas.  He said, "I have never laughed as much as I laughed with Stephanie"

Another aquaintanence from Plano Senior High, a journalism student, told me I used to sit by Stephanie in English, and "she could write better than I could."

Knowing that Stephanie's wishes were to have everyone wear white at a funeral, (her belief was that a soul was returning to Heaven and it should be a happy time).  One of her employee's from Barnies, an Assistant Manager, respected her so much that he actually went out and bought a white suit just to wear to her funeral.   Amazing the impact she had on people!

During Stephanie's stay in the CVICU unit at Florida Hospital, I kept a picture of Stephanie in her room.  I wanted everyone to see the "real" Stephanie.  Following her death one of the charge nurses of that unit came up to me and said.  "We have never been touched by a patient as much as Stephanie."  There were no words coming from Stephanie, just that presence.  A number of those nurses attended her funeral.

Stephanie was doing "wheelies" in her wheelchair with her sister before surgery.  She had a "run-in" with hospital security who sternly told her to stop it.  Well, you all know Stephanie, she told him, "what are you going to do send me to my room" and she further said....."I pay YOUR salary."  -  Steph Again!  :)

A Mom of one of Stephanie's long time friends told me.... "Stephanie was so energetic she made me sickly trying to keep up with her" and ......"I just never knew such a determined kid, if she said something was going to happen by God it did!"........"I am sure she has done major renovations in Heaven by now." :)      (Thanks Jill !)

Steph always accomplished her goals, for example;  Stephanie never said "I want to work there", but rather "that is where I am GOING to work".....she was never turned down for a job that she wanted.  Her determination was inspiring.

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