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Letter to Stephie  / Richie Deese (Cousin)  Read >>
Letter to Stephie  / Richie Deese (Cousin)
Stephie was a very exuberant person. I guess I'm going to write this short letter to her. Steph, First of all I would like to thank you for the awesome gifts you got me throughout the years including the rolls of toilet paper, 12 packs of Dr. Pepper, and whatever crazy things you came up with over the years. Sorry I gave Charles such a hard time but you're my cousin and he had it coming. We had a lot of good times together through the years, sorry there weren't more but we'll catch up on those later. Your Mom misses you a lot and wishes you were still here but if there were to only be one example of "the good die young" you took the cake. Ashley is doing well and misses you too. She got Married to a great guy and seems to be happy. Jason is still Jason, what are you going to do... then again I guess I can say the same about myself. We all miss you but I'm sure you have it better than all of us. Just keep shining down on us through it all. We all deal with losses differently but I tend to remember the good times, the great thing about you is they were all good times. That being said I will just remember you, you live in my heart through my good deeds. Not a day goes by I forget your smile. See you someday Richie- Close
sarajt86@gmail / Sara Tiede (Friend)  Read >>
sarajt86@gmail / Sara Tiede (Friend)
I just heard this heartbreaking news. I was trying to search for Stephanie on Facebook this afternoon. Stephanie had popped into my thoughts today because I drove past the street where she used to live. I was trying to get back in touch with her. I was heartbroken when I saw the FB tribute page. Stephanie was such a sweet friend. We went to Wells Elementary together. I remember having birthday celebrations at each others houses and sleepovers (with Lulite who posted earlier). I remember having so much fun with her. I had seen her in Collin Creek mall when we were both in High School. I ended up going to a private school in high school so I didn't get to keep up with her. I regret that now. I'm so sad she is no longer with us on earth. I pray for many blessings on the Parivar family. Steph will be greatly missed. Close
The Journey beyond  / Karl Anglin (just heard about her )  Read >>
The Journey beyond  / Karl Anglin (just heard about her )

The journey beyond

Will make what happened before

Almost unimaginable

But soar soar on high you must

And do the things in which you trust!

Stephie / Brett Strawn (little brother )  Read >>
Stephie / Brett Strawn (little brother )
when i was growing up i always looked up to stephie. she was like my big sister. ill always consider her as my big sister. she meant so much to me. she was my world. and i really wish she could still be with us. i miss her so much. not a day goes by when i dont think of her. i still walk around with 2 pictures of her in my wallet. ill never take them out. I love you Stephanie. and the rest of the parivar family. thank you for everything yall have done for me. Close
You're an angel....  / Lulite Ejigu (Friend)  Read >>
You're an angel....  / Lulite Ejigu (Friend)
Dear Parivar family I was shocked to hear 2 years after Stephanie's passing that she had passed. Me and Stephanie were best friends in Elementary school and Middle school. I remember coming to the Parivar house and watching movies and playing in the backyard with the bunny :) Stephanie and I would run into each other from time to time after we ended up going to different high schools but slowly we lost touch. I remember seeing a old Plano senior high school newspaper tribute years after her passing and sitting in my room filled with tears remembering our childhood memories. Stephanie was my first real friend in Plano and I will never forget her. I am torn to hear what really happened and how much pain this has caused all of you but I know that she is looking down on us all smiling... I love you Stephanie you truly were an angel! Love and miss all of the Parivar family too... I know its been a long time you might not remember me but I remember all of you... Love Lulite Ejigu Close
Stephanie / Amber Chronic (Kaplan) (Friend)  Read >>
Stephanie / Amber Chronic (Kaplan) (Friend)
I miss her so much. She was such a great friend to me. I used to visit her at Surf City in the mall and we used to joke around about going to lunch. Both she and I were too busy being in love with our boyfriends so we visited in school and at the mall. We kept in touch through e-mail the very first she moved to Florida. As some time went by I e-mailed her to catch up. She did not respond so I looked through her old e-mails and found her cell number. I had just recently gotten a cell phone so that I could call. I left several messages....

Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to say goodbye to her. I did not receive news of her passing until 6 months after. Thank you Charles for calling me.

I still cry for her Charles her family. I wish so much that I had the chance to have seen her once more. She filled my life with laughter and happiness.

Stephanie I love silly goosey Close
dear uncle  / Kamyar Parivar (cousin)  Read >>
dear uncle  / Kamyar Parivar (cousin)
i never had the chance to say to ur family how sorry i am for ur beautiful lost flower i just saw this profile today & i hope that ur wife gets well very soon...we miss u so much i wish u all the best     Close
I love you  / Ashley Parivar (Sister)  Read >>
I love you  / Ashley Parivar (Sister)
I love you Stephanie and miss you so much. I hope mom gets better soon! I love you more than the worls and misssssssssss you! You are always in my heart and will always be my sister! I love you. Your sister, Ashley Close
What a beautiful angel!!  / Bev DeSarro (Mom to angel Amanda )  Read >>
What a beautiful angel!!  / Bev DeSarro (Mom to angel Amanda )

Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts.  Your daughter is just beautiful.  My daughter was killed at age 21 by an elderly lady who ran a redlight.  The pain of losing her is unbearable most days. Your Site caught my eye because it was mentioned that your daughter stood up for what she believed in and seemed to always be happy and humorous.  My daughter was very similar, always smiling and finding the humor in various situations.  Wow I miss her laughter!!  God bless you!

Missing her more and more  / Caitlyn Hodge ("sister", friend )  Read >>
Missing her more and more  / Caitlyn Hodge ("sister", friend )
         I just found this website for Steph today, and it made me laugh and cry. Almost every time I think about her I have this reaction. It's hard to think about Steph and our memories and not want to laugh, she just had that special effect on people. But these memories are also followed with a huge grief because I miss her so much. I have never stopped remembering her, and I cherish our memories together, but I miss her more and more as the years go by. Even after all this time apart I still find myself reaching for the phone to call her; there have been so many things I've wanted to share with her. However, I know that she is still here with me, in her own way, because there are times when I feel her presence, and she has visited me in my dreams. In these dreams she always asks me about what's been going on in my life, and I'm so happy to be able to see her and talk to her again. But it's horrible waking up because I know she's not here on earth with us anymore, and it's the worst kind of realization.
      My parents also have great memories of her, and have told me they find themselves thinking of her often. It's still hard to pass by your house and not stop in to see her. I think of her and your family every time, and find myself hoping that you are all doing okay. I just wanted to let you know that I still love Stephanie and keep her in my thoughts all the time. She will never be forgotten, or loved any less.

With love,

Caitlyn Hodge Close
Unnecessary death  / Kathy Cummings (visitor)  Read >>
Unnecessary death  / Kathy Cummings (visitor)
I am so sorry, I know your pain of losing Stephanie and she really didn't have to die. My heart goes out to you all. Reading her story brought back memories of my granddaughter, Arianna. She was born with a heart defect. She was born at Kaiser in CA. Arianna weighed 4 lbs. 8 oz. and was a full term baby. They sent her home anyways no matter she was underweight or was too tired to eat. My daughter had no pain medications to cause this, but the hospital was not alarmed. My daughter took Arianna for a routine 3 day check up and she told the doctor that she would not eat well and slept a lot. They told her that she needs to stimulate her and make her eat. My daughter persisted with some questions as to why is she sleeping through the exam, she acted as if she tired easy, a diaper change would tire her. So they decided to check her oxygen level and it was real low. Arianna also had blueish hands and feet but they said it was from being so little. Anyways, the low oxygen level gave the doctors little alarm. So they hooked her up to a heart monitor and said that monitor was broken cause her heart beats were so off beat, so they hooked her up to another one and thought wow that can't be? Another broken one? DUH!!! Kaiser than sent her to Children's Hosp. in Los Angeles, and they had their diagnosis. Transposition of the Greater Arteries. Her arteries were switched and on one side of her heart. She had 2 holes on top and bottom. Our little Arianna was dying in front of us. And Kaiser had no clue and was ready to send her home. Thanks to her mommy's persistance. She had open heart surgery through Children's hosp. which was successful. Kaiser felt enough was spent on her there so they made her go back to a Kaiser hosp. for recovery. I mean leaving a 10 star hosp. to a 3 star one and I mean what I say. At children's Hospital she had one nurse assigned to only her. At Kaiser she had one nurse assigned to her and 6 others critical babies. She fell through the cracks at Kaiser. She was sent home with out a holter monitor. How can a 5 week old tell you when things are not feeling well inside? She can't. At 6 weeks she went back for a followup after surgery and the doctor ask my daughter why the baby was there, why did she have surgery. What? We thought she was seeing a cardiologist not a regular doctor. So he said you can see the cardiologist in 2 weeks which proved to be too late for our little Arianna. Couldn't he have heard the swishing of her heart filling up with blood? Didn't he hear it?, Yes, but did nothing, said the cardiologist would take care of it and didn't see the need for any emergency. If it were his child would he have? Anyways, my daughter left with her baby and went home. One week later Arianna passed away. She looked like a normal plumped healthy baby, remember she was thin with skin wrinkles on her body the day before. My daughter was visiting relatives and was going home and put Arianna in her car seat gave her baby a kiss and told her she was pretty and little Arianna smiled at her and My mom said they both smiled at each other for the last time, she said the smiles took her breath away. While my daughter was heading on her 15 min. journey home Arianna was called home, alone in her car seat facing the back window. My daughter got out of the car and she felt strange, she took Arianna out of the car went in the house and was looking at how pretty her baby girl is, and thought to her self she looks pale. She asked her brother does she look pale to you, scared for his answer, he said no she looks blue. She took her limp body out of the car seat and they, her uncle and Arianna's mommy started to do CPR on Arianna, with the help of a 911 operator. Ambulance arrived they pronounce our precious baby girl gone, after trying for an hour to bring her back at a hospital. I know I went on, but these mistakes are costing our children their lives and we miss them so much. Just to hear a laugh a cry to smell them to touch them to see their smile if just for one more time. Arianna was born May 20, 2005 and passed away July 7, 2005 and I still say this is so unfair. I am still mad. I still want to hold her. We had 7 weeks with her and her beauty as you had almost 18 years but the pain will stay with us forever. Sure it is easier to deal with but oh the longing hurts like nothing you can explain. Feel free to visit Arianna's site or email me so we could talk. Her site it Just know I am only an email away. luvnhugs, Kathy, Arianna's Nana Close
Let god be with the family  / Orfordholly   Read >>
Let god be with the family  / Orfordholly

I came over this and it made me really sad R.I.P. Stephanie and god be with the family at this time i am so sorry xxxxx

MERRY CHRISTMAS  / Nancy Davis   Read >>

So Sorry  / Charlotte C. (visitor)  Read >>
So Sorry  / Charlotte C. (visitor)

I came across Stephanie's page and I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry about your loss. What a beautiful girl and how lucky she was that she was loved so much by all of you. I just lost my niece Courtney (15) to an accident and I know that the two of them are now singing with the angels in heaven and watching over us.

Dear Parivar family  / Bahareh Parivar   Read >>
Dear Parivar family  / Bahareh Parivar
I felt so sorry when I visited this web site. She was so pretty & I'm sure stephanie lives in a better place and she is so happy now.
If you come to my country Iran I will be so happy to visit you. Close

 a great loss stay close to our elaine and look after her for me x

All to familiar  / Kari -. Mommy To Karsyn Brooke   Read >>
All to familiar  / Kari -. Mommy To Karsyn Brooke
Oh, how my heart goes out to you...and understands.  I, too, lost my little angel to complications after an ASD closure and a mistake from several doctors that cost her her life.  She actually had a 1% chance of death with her condition.  I know your rage, your pain, your helplessness, your guilt...We are in the middle of a wrongful death suit over Karsyn's death and I haven't gone into much detail on her site because of it.  Are you pursuing anything?

Please feel free to contact me whenever you need to vent, or anything.  I haven't read one of these memorial sites that have hit as close to home as this one.  

Karsyn's link is

Bless you and your family...she was beautiful!

Kari Altman Close
What a tragic loss  / Christie   Read >>
What a tragic loss  / Christie
I saw your site and could not help but to be stunned by the beauty you had for almost 18 years.  Our family lost it's own "Steph" as well and was loved and adored by many just as your daughter was.  My heart goes out to your entire family.

Christie-Relative of Close
To Stephanie....  / Carrie Webster ((Visitor))  Read >>
To Stephanie....  / Carrie Webster ((Visitor))

  I saw these horses and thought you would like it. Rest in Peace Stephanie. I lost my friend Adrianne in 2002 due to a car accident, I truely believe you are one of her many Angel Friends

Stephanie & Adrianne (Friends in Heaven)
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