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Mom &. Dad lit a candle on 04/22/2017: "Happy Birthday baby girl (31, but always our baby girl)....we miss u to no end but know u visit often :) Love u !!!XOXO"
Mom lit a candle on 04/22/2015: "Another year apart, another birthday celebrated in heaven, here's to all the sparkles, friends, and laughter ...XOXO"
Mom lit a candle on 07/30/2014: "Always so special when someone from YOUR past contacts me!!! Reminds me how much you were loved <3"
Shawna Parivar lit a candle on 07/29/2014: "Stephanie, you are a bright and glowing Angel. We light a candle for you and your family."
MONIQUE ALETTI lit a candle on 01/15/2014: "Angels fly at light speed, because they are servants of the Light, A TRUE ANGEL STEPHANIE SO MISSED BUT LOOKING OVER"
Monique Aletti lit a candle on 01/15/2014: "The guardian angels of life fly so high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us LOVED"
Tannis Betz lit a candle on 12/19/2013: "Summer friends so long ago, but you still cross my mind today. Yours is a heartbreaking story. I miss you."
Mom lit a candle on 04/22/2013: "Happy (27th) Birthday our Sweetest Stephanie. Hope Heaven brings you all of your hearts desires. MISSING U XOXO x 11"
Mom lit a candle on 12/14/2012: "Woke up thinking about you my baby. Playing your songs brings that special place in my heart for you to life. XOXO"
Amber Chronic lit a candle on 05/11/2012: "I miss you dear friend. I was blessed to have known you and I hope we meet again one day. Always thinking about you. <3"
Mom lit a candle on 04/22/2012: "Happy Birthday my baby!!! Sending lots of love on this eternally special day. Miss u bunches. Mwah XOXO"
Max Riolu lit a candle on 01/01/2012: "u will be missed"
Mom lit a candle on 10/10/2011: "Missing you more and more every passing day baby. Love is a word that is truly meant for angels. XOXO x 11"
Monique Aletti lit a candle on 07/06/2011: "Beauitful young lady, precious life,sadly taken, never to be forgotten, she will send us her good will from above."
Monique Aletti lit a candle on 07/05/2011: "may the angels watch over you as they do every day!"
Mom lit a candle on 06/05/2011: "Missing you so much Steph. Please send your light to embrase us all, we need your love and send all of ours to YOU xoxo"
Claire James Martinez lit a candle on 03/24/2011: "My precious Stephi I love you and miss you so much with all my heart and soul XoXo mwah!"
Mom lit a candle on 12/25/2010: "Sweet Steph, Merry Christmas Angel. We hope you can celebrate even better than we do here. Miss you Tons!! God Bless"
Katie Peugh lit a candle on 11/13/2010: "Rest In Peace Stephanie"
Michelle Gonzalez lit a candle on 09/14/2010: "Stephanie is a beautiful angel,God is specially fond of her and her smile.She did live life,her mission was accoplished!"
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