Stephanie Parivar
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       OUR ANGEL
This memorial was created in the memory, and honor of our "Little Light"

was born in Plano, Texas on April 22, 1986 and joined with the Lord on March 24, 2004 one month before her 18th birthday.

It was with her love, strength, kindness, determination and God's plan that Stephanie completed her life here; although short, she achieved what many of us will never achieve in a lifetime.

She was loved, she was in love, she traveled, she moved to an area she truly wanted to be, she obtained a job that for her age she could be proud of, she was able to buy the gifts for everyone that she so enjoyed buying.  She had a goal, she wanted to continue to help people, so she went to college.  But most of all she smiled and she laughed her way to Heaven.  What a memory, what a beautiful gift she was to us all.

Amazing, simply amazing grace, that was Stephanie.  A guiding hand, and a comforting shoulder to those deservingly in need.  Never judging, always encouraging, with a will and a desire to make everyone elses dreams come true.

When you met her you knew her as kind, loving, inspirational and happy.  She never needed to be recognized, but she was definately recognized.  She chose to not conform to the ideals that others have set in place for many years, but rather she always found a different way, a better way, a better plan and made us all laugh while she was doing it.

Stephanie taught us the most precious things in life, she taught us about love, respect, peace, giving and kindness.  She had patience beyond her young years and spoke in simple words with underlying meanings of volumes.  An now we want to say "thank you Lord" because we all feel that we have been touched by an Angel.

"See you soon" little one, rest in peace, and God Bless You

Mom, Dad, Jason, Ashley and Charles



Tributes and Condolences
Letter to Stephie   / Richie Deese (Cousin)
Stephie was a very exuberant person. I guess I'm going to write this short letter to her. Steph, First of all I would like to thank you for the awesome gifts you got me throughout the years including the rolls of toilet paper, 12 packs of ...  Continue >>
sarajt86@gmail  / Sara Tiede (Friend)
I just heard this heartbreaking news. I was trying to search for Stephanie on Facebook this afternoon. Stephanie had popped into my thoughts today because I drove past the street where she used to live. I was trying to get back in touch with her. I ...  Continue >>
The Journey beyond   / Karl Anglin (just heard about her )
The journey beyond Will make what happened before Almost unimaginable But soar soar on high you must And do the things in which you trust!
Stephie  / Brett Strawn (little brother )
when i was growing up i always looked up to stephie. she was like my big sister. ill always consider her as my big sister. she meant so much to me. she was my world. and i really wish she could still be with us. i miss her so much. not a day goes by ...  Continue >>
You're an angel....   / Lulite Ejigu (Friend)
Dear Parivar family I was shocked to hear 2 years after Stephanie's passing that she had passed. Me and Stephanie were best friends in Elementary school and Middle school. I remember coming to the Parivar house and watching movies and playing in t...  Continue >>
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